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MOUNTAIN ESSENTIALS is an handbooks Collection, to learn how to sport climb, to ski tour, to walk on a glacier, to practice alpinism and ice climbing.
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MOUNTAIN ESSENTIALS - ICE, SNOW and MIXED Techniques and Strategies
Author: Sébastien Constant - Editions Constant - Texts in ENGLISH, published 2016, 20th of July

EAN: 978-2918970095 - 25€
Stitched back, paperback cover with a fabric finish, round corners, 96 pages (170 g), full colors, A5 Format, Printed on chlorine-free paper (FSC accredited) using vegetable inks, 150 illustrations and 150 diagrams, 25 scenarios.


This instructional guide is aimed at all mountaineers looking to safely and confidently tackle more difficult gully, ice, mixed and ridge climbs. It presents all the skills and techniques needed to get the most from your days in the mountains, as well as providing numerous tips on how to recognise potential hazards and avoid the most common mistakes. Combining a novel approach to mountaineering with descriptions of concrete scenarios, it will help you climb more safely and adapt your decisions to the prevailing conditions.
• Master snow, ice and mixed climbing techniques
• Develop your skills and abilities
• Reduce the risk of making mistakes
• Recognise and avoid undesirable situations
Its modern approach to safety includes:
• An effective approach to crevasse rescue
• Simple explanations and easy-to-follow advice
• 25 scenarios illustrating ways to reduce threats and errors
• 170 diagrams and 150 illustrations


What is new?
Scenarios are really concrete. The weight of the book is very light (165g), so it's esay to take it in refuge.
I've introduced new Dyneema materials coming from the sail (Dyneem soft shackle, Dyneema strop).

Thes new product are made by Ino-Rope which is a specialist of rigging and splicing.
I've designe a new UTLRA-LIGHT Crevasse Rescue Kit (reduction system for double-Mariner hoists) which include a by-passing braking knots system: It is The RESCUE - Mountain Essentials.
Several kits will be available with this handbook. COMING SOON, be patient

  • System to set up a double Mariner unassisted hoist (mechanical advantage excluding friction over the lip of the crevasse = 3.5:1 / 90 g) made by Ino-Rope

  • System to by-pass braking knots (35 g) made by Ino-Rope

  • Set of Dyneema soft shackles and Dyneema strops made by Ino-Rope